Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay per Click (PPC) is considered as the one of the most effective digital marketing tactics to bring instant traffic on your web page.

A successful PPC campaign have objectives:

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales enhancement
  • Brand promotion

PPC is relevance-centric approach. It is all about timing, product, service and keywords. Suppose if a user search for ‘black strip watch’ then it depends upon advertisers potential to target that specific user with their ads at the same moment. Nobody wants to pay for irrelevant traffic.

At Dfoxo, we handle targeted settings and account structure so that an advertisers can effectively execute PPC campaign achieving relevancy. Whether it is about Google Partner sites, Google or other network holding this range like Adwords, we deliver required result offering you sell.

Always remember that relevant and smartly executed PPC campaign have to pay less as a search engine rewards. Our team handles landing page, data and ads in the most effective way so that Google will charge tiny amount per click making huge profit for your business. We mix the art of relevancy with your budget to get the best return on investment (ROI).

Dfoxo Complete PPC Management

First in a Row
We provide most favourable ways to improve your brands popularity among other competitors. Our strategy formulate the current market trends with our interactive landing page to attract more visitors.

Hit on Your Mark and Expand your campaign:
It is essential to understand who you are targeting and how you are targeting such as locations, gadgets, searching modes, languages, publishers etc. And, since it is not just a one time task keep looking for more keywords. Along with the trend, the searching trend is also changing. A winning PPC campaign is the one which run across the trends. We test various ads to identify the most influencing one. Our main motto is high click rates and improved conversion.

Keyword Selection and Optimization:

We classify keywords in multiple rows to understand a users buying behaviour from the billions of selected keywords. We offer custom optimization to ensure maximised return on investment (ROI).